Camp HOPE Volunteer Application

Camp HOPE Volunteer Application

Please review job description prior to filling out the application.

Birthdate: (mm/dd/yyyy)


Languages Spoken:

How did you hear about this opportunity?:

Please complete all questions with as much detail as possible.

  1. Why are you interested in working with children that have been exposed to trauma and/or family violence?
  2. Skills & Abilities
    1. Describe any experiences you’ve had working with children, attending camp, or supervising activities.
    2. What skills would you bring to Camp HOPE?
    3. How do/could you create playful, energetic and inclusive environment while working with kids?
  3. Describe your understanding of what “boundaries” means in terms of relationships, physical space/touch, property, and responsibilities as a person in authority.
  4. What does the concept of “confidentiality” mean to you?
  5. Based on the job description, what do you think might be challenging for you as a counselor at Camp HOPE?
  6. Working at camp often requires a lot of physical and emotional energy. How do you deal with stress in your life, and what do you do to “recharge” yourself when your energy is running low?

References (please use professional and/or experiential contacts only):

Reference 1 (Name, Phone, Relationship):

Reference 2 (Name, Phone, Relationship):


I am available to attend Orientation Night: June 6th, 5-8pm

I have completed domestic violence advocacy training (DVAT)
DVAT Organization:
DVAT Completion Date: (mm/dd/yyyy)


Day Shift Volunteers arrive to support with breakfast (Camp staff prepare meals, volunteers help with distribution and making sure campers have what they need); assist with set up for activities; support campers during activities, transition times, and lunch; play with campers throughout the day; and provide breaks to camp counselors; monitor campers during pool time. Day shifts are generally from 9am-6pm, subject to slight changes.

Evening Shift Volunteers arrive to help monitor campers in the water during pool time; help with dinner service; have fun with campers during field games and campfire time; assist with any set up or clean-up for activities. Evening shifts are from 3pm-10pm, subject to slight changes.

Please select which shift(s) you are available.

You may select more than one shift by holding down the “Ctrl” key:

Camp Week 1: June 25th – June 30th   

Camp Week 2: July 2nd – 7th