Camp HOPE Oregon Returning Volunteer

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I am available to attend Orientation Night: June 6th, 5-8pm

I have completed domestic violence advocacy training (DVAT)
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Day Shift Volunteers arrive to support with breakfast (Camp staff prepare meals, volunteers help with distribution and making sure campers have what they need); assist with set up for activities; support campers during activities, transition times, and lunch; play with campers throughout the day; and provide breaks to camp counselors; monitor campers during pool time. Day shifts are generally from 9am-6pm, subject to slight changes.

Evening Shift Volunteers arrive to help monitor campers in the water during pool time; help with dinner service; have fun with campers during field games and campfire time; assist with any set up or clean-up for activities. Evening shifts are from 3pm-10pm, subject to slight changes.

Please select which shift(s) you are available.

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Camp Week 1: June 25th – June 30th   

Camp Week 2: July 2nd – 7th