One of the most powerful tools one has to effect change is the willingness to share your voice. At CWS we have two ways that you can get involved.

Uniting the Voice of the Community:
At CWS we often advocate for the rights of survivors by being present in the community and letting our public elected representatives know we care about issues related to child safety and the safety and rights of survivors. To learn more about how you can join us and let your voices be heard, see our Calendar, follow us on Facebook, sign up for our E-Newsletter (see box at right) or simply call our office at (503) 557-5828.

The Voices of Survivors, Their Families and Friends:
Sharing your story is also a powerful way to have an impact.  Your story helps empower other survivors and their families and lets them know they are not alone.  It also helps the community better understand and connect with the reality of relationship violence on a personal level.  We would love to hear your comments, or story if you are a survivor who has used our resources.  If, for safety or personal reasons, you wish to keep your name and personal information confidential we will ensure this confidentiality. To share your story, contact Maya at mayae@cwsor.org or (503) 557-5828