Community members play a crucial role in raising awareness around domestic and sexual violence.  We believe that by educating those in our community, we are able to share vital information around the dynamics of abuse and how to support those experiencing abusive relationships.



Our community education program consists of two components; community awareness presentations and Domestic Violence Advocacy Training.

The community awareness presentations are usually 15 to 30 minutes and cover in-depth about our agency and the services we provide.  In order to respond to requests for community education presentations, we kindly request that you review and fill out the following form, Presentation Request Form.  We will inform you of the approval status of your request in a timely manner.  We prefer that all requests for community education presentations are submitted three weeks prior to presentation dateOn rare occasion, we are able to accommodate a request in a shorter time-frame.

We encourage individual community members to take part in our domestic violence advocacy training that is offered at our drop-in center on an ongoing basis.  If you are interested in these trainings, please visit our Domestic Violence Advocacy Training web page.

CWS staff is also available for consult and specialized training for community partners and businesses.


Questions? Please Contact:
Community Education Program Manager, Kristin Schlotterbeck or 503-557-5822