Each year the CWS Domestic Violence Shelter provides safe emergency housing, clothing, food, safety planning, advocacy, children’s services and counseling for approximately 150 women and children and due to the opening our our Shelter Annex we anticipate increasing that number in 2013. Occasionally we also provide emergency, short-term housing through hotel vouchers for specific kinds of situations. 

The 24/7 Crisis & Support Line is available to survivors and families/friends of survivors who need support or have questions about their situation. The support-line staff and volunteer advocates offer immediate, 24 hour access to safety planning information, peer counseling, information and referral services, domestic violence information, and information on shelter availability. Confidentiality is protected in all conversations, and we offer interpretation in over 300 languages through Language Line interpreters.

Betty’s Story
I’ve left a very abusive marriage of 21 years. When I first left, I only left with the clothes on my back and no shoes. I went to another state and started my life over…only to have him find out where I was. That’s how I was so blessed to have come here (the CWS shelter.)It was hard to find a shelter that would take me because of my age…no one wanted to take me because I am 74 years old. They were afraid they could not meet my needs as a senior. (At CWS) they accepted with open arms. Without CWS I would not be alive today.The way they run the shelter, we don’t feel like we are children and need to be taught how to run our lives…Here the whole staff works with you 24 hours a day, helping you to accomplish your goals, and making sure you are secure when you leave and have a home. With this, we feel respected and try to do our best…because we are not forced to live the way they think we should…we feel more self-worth, which we have not had for a very long time.I feel good about myself now and feel I can accomplish anything…I am leaving with so much hope and happiness with all their love, support and understanding, they have made the impossible possible…They know how to run a shelter like a sanctuary…They will always be in my heart and prayers.