If you or someone you know needs shelter, please call our crisis and support line at:
503-654-2288 or 1-888-654-2288

The CWS emergency shelter provides a safe place for women and children fleeing their homes due to domestic violence, sexual assault/abuse, elder abuse, stalking or sexual trafficking or exploitation. The shelter and new annex houses up to 13 individuals and/or families (approximately 27 people at any given time) in a family-style environment where each individual or family unit has their own room and everyone shares the bathrooms, kitchen and communal spaces like living, dining, computer and children’s play rooms.

Using our cutting-edge Rights and Responsibilities model that encourages self-determination and offers services in a way that does not re-traumatize participants (also known as Trauma Informed Care), our team of case managers offer participant support in achieving self-identified goals; provide emotional support; help gain access to and advocate for resources in the community; and provide referrals.

Generally a participant stays 30 – 45 days and most are able to transition into stable housing.
During their stay, participants have access to clothing, food, and hygiene items, much of which is provided by generous community donations (see our Wish List) Weekly classes on different educational and recreational subjects are also offered, field trips for practical and recreational purposes are available, and birthdays and other milestones are celebrated appropriately.

It is our goal to offer Culturally Specific Services whenever possible. To that end, half of our shelter staff is bilingual/bicultural, we provide case management in English, Russian and Spanish, and we often partner with culturally specific sister agencies to meet unique cultural needs. Interpretation in over 300 languages is also available by phone. Additionally, Seven rooms are ADA compliant, we welcome service animals and we strive to make every accommodation possible for survivors with disabilities or special needs.