Dating and sexual violence continue to be serious issues facing our society. According to the 2014 Oregon Coalition Against Domestic Violence Fatality Review, 31 homicides in 2014  were domestic violence related. These types of violence are often cyclical and without intervention can cost our community hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical/mental health expenses, legal/law enforcement costs, and loss of revenue to businesses.

In an effort to mitigate the violence so prevalent in our society, CWS offers prevention programming to address the root causes of gender-based violence,  teach youth about healthy relationships and give them powerful tools for addressing conflict and promoting healthy relationships.  According to Oregon HB 4077, each school must incorporate policies and education to address dating and sexual violence. CWS works with schools to fulfill this mandate.

Our Violence Prevention Program offers school-based presentations that are trauma-informed and developmentally appropriate for middle and high school students in Clackamas County. Each year our Violence Prevention Team works with upwards of 5,000 students to bring these important issues to light and to empower them to enact change within their communities.

Students’ Experiences with Dating/Domestic Violence*

  • 4% of students experienced domestic violence in their immediate family.
  • 30% of students had a dating partner yell at them, called them names, or put them down.
  • 9% of students had someone try to convince or pressure them to do something sexual they weren’t comfortable with.
  • 6% of students have been hit, shoved, pinched, grabbed, kicked, etc. by a dating partner.
  • 6% of students identified as having experienced teen dating violence.
  • 9% of students identified as having experienced sexual violence.

*CWS surveys of 1423 high school students, SY 2013-2014