Accessible for All

A Safe Place is located at the Shaver Building on the Red Soils Campus in Oregon City

The Family Justice Center is centrally located in the Shaver building on the Red Soils Campus Plaza. The FJC site is located on a transit line that is directly linked to the County’s two largest regional transit centers. The Center is ADA accessible and the availability of childcare, culturally-based services and a comfortable environment make the Center more convenient and accessible for survivors.

Coordinated Care

The one-stop, drop-in model makes it easy for participants to have immediate access to a wide range of services on site. Victims are able to select the services of their choice and then partner agencies coordinate a response that increases victim safety and holds offenders accountable without duplicating efforts. The Center will also provide basic practical needs such as bus passes and gift cards for food and clothing.

Wrap-Around Services

DSC_0248Wrap around services distinguishes itself from a traditional service model with its focus on connecting families, public safety systems and community partners in effective problem solving relationships. It surrounds a victim with individualized and strength-based services that generate a pathway to healing instead of forcing people to fit into a rigid pre-defined service type. These services include:

  • Legal advocacy
  • Culturally-specific counseling
  • Financial empowerment
  • Prevention and education
Court Integration

Victims will apply for restraining orders through the use of a closed circuit video-conferencing system directly linked to the courthouse; putting them in front of a judge with a safe distance from the abuser. Victims can complete the necessary paperwork with the help of a trained advocate while their children are safe and comfortable. Integration into the court system also creates efficiencies for court staff and operations.

Child Friendly

DSC_0244A specially designed play area for children will be staffed by volunteers and child care specialists, allowing a safe and appropriate space for children whose care providers must visit the Family Justice Center. Currently, children are often present as the victim recounts the violence numerous times at several locations throughout the system, overhearing traumatizing details.

Safe and Secure

The environment at A Safe Place is safe, physically and psychologically, for participants and service providers alike. It is an environment where survivors are treated with respect and dignity. Features such as bullet-resistant glass, controlled-access entry and secure parking enhance confidentiality while creating an environment that supports traumatized victims.