CWS strives to bring the best-practices to all our services . We stay connected to these practices by maintaining relationships to sister organizations and membership in coalitions dealing with domestic/sexual violence, child abuse, health equity and homelessness. Additionally, we have implemented and built on nationally recognized best practices which have led to us becoming acknowledged as leaders and experts in three of these areas.

Our Rights and Responsibilities Model is based on work removing shelter rules done previously in Washington State where the hallmark of service delivery is the belief that self-determination is an inherent right of the individual.

The Beyond Shelter Initiative (BSI) is based on the “Housing First Model” belief that access to stable housing is the fundamental cornerstone to self-sufficiency.

The Lethality Assessment Protocol (LAP) Program is based on the evidenced based work from Maryland that provides for first responders to partner with a domestic violence service provider to offer support and services to victim’s in a domestic dispute.

Trauma-Informed Care (TIC) is a way of providing services that is focused on minimizing or alleviating the re-traumatization of participants and their families as they navigate the public safety, criminal justice and community health systems.