Trauma Informed Care

The National Center for Trauma Informed Care defines trauma informed care as,

“…organizations, programs, and services that are based on an understanding
of the vulnerabilities or triggers of trauma survivors (italic ours) traditional
service delivery approaches may exacerbate, so that these services and
programs can be more supportive and avoid re-traumatization.”

CWS has been working to bring our values, our philosophies, our systems, and our practices into a continuum of care that allows for services to be offered in a way that is trauma informed. This has included extensive training, review of policies and procedures, changes or improvement in practices, and purposeful morale building/self-care activities with staff and board. Our staff has expressed a strong appreciation for this intentional shift in both culture and practice and CWS has been identified by Portland State University as a local best practice of Trauma Informed Care implementation.

For more information on Trauma Informed Care go to National Center for Trauma Informed Care: