Returning Camp Counselor Position

Youth Counselor Application

Please review job description prior to filling out the application.
Please complete all questions with as much detail as possible.

Birthdate: Languages Spoken:

  1. What interests you in returning as a Youth Counselor position at Camp HOPE?
  2. Skills & Abilities
    1. What skills did you bring to Camp HOPE? Please provide examples.
    2. How did you create a playful, energetic and inclusive environment while working with campers?
  3. What did you find challenging in your role as Youth Counselor at Camp HOPE? What are ways you worked through these challenges? Please provide examples.
  4. Working at camp often requires a lot of physical and emotional energy. How did you deal with stress at camp, and what did you do to “recharge” yourself when your energy was running low?

Camp HOPE dates:

  • Leadership Retreat/Training: June 22nd—25th (Mandatory)
  • Week 1: June 25th – 30th
  • Week 2: July 2nd – 7th

please select which week(s) you are available:

Positions opened until filled.