Incorporated in 1985 as Clackamas County’s only shelter for women and children escaping family violence, CWS is still Clackamas County’s primary provider of services for survivors of domestic and sexual violence. In 27 years CWS has come from offering shelter for a few to offering comprehensive services for many. To learn about what we believe, our cutting-edge practices and who makes up our board and staff go to About CWS. For more information about issues surrounding domestic violence check Resources.

We offer a range of services for women and families facing domestic and sexual violence. Our Services include a shelter and a 24/7 help line, legal advocacy, housing, rural outreach, counseling, youth education and prevention, community education and culturally-specific services. Our staff of well-trained professionals offers support and advocacy to individuals and families seeking to live violence free lives.

To offer these life-changing services, CWS depends on the investment of time and money from people like you. Support from the community in the form of donations, volunteering or community events are important to the well being of our organization. If you would like to a make a difference for those fleeing domestic violence we ask you to Donate, Get Involved or attend Events.


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